The Sonic Liberation Players explore new ways of encountering sound.

To offer this experience to a broad range of listeners, we play uncommonly heard works and commission new works that investigate the area between “academic/intellectual” and “pop influenced” classical.

The core members of the SLP met and performed together at California Institute of the Arts in the early 2Ks. A decade later, having migrated independently to the East Coast (Boston and New York), they reconnected and began this new musical journey together, launching as SLP in 2016. The CalArts “sound” is varied, yet finds roots in the music of John Cage and Morton Feldman. Likewise, the Sonic Liberation Players approach a prismatic variety of composers and music in search of new languages and adventurous musical possibilities.

We seek to help our audiences to discover more of what their ears are capable of hearing and to help them expand their conception of beauty.

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